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Diablo 2 Mercenary Aura Not Working

Skills: Bash and Stun Allowed Equipment: Armor, Helms, Barbarian Class-specific Helms, One Sword (can't dual wield). Act 1 Merc: The Rogues of the Sisterhood of the Sightless Eye[edit] Hire from: Kashya upon reaching clvl 8 or receive as a quest reward after Blood Raven is defeated. However for variant builds such as the Melee Sorc, Ranger (bow/crossbow Paladin) and Meleemancer (melee Necro) where AR is of critical importance, the blessed aim merc can be very useful. We urge you to buy a legit copy of the game. Source

Use Full Rejuvenation Potions in extreme emergencies. Note: In 1.10, general bow skills such as fire, explosive and magical arrow are now dependent on attack rating to hit. Here is a list of possible auras that can be found on items used on mercs. Just bear in mind that several of the monsters in 1.10 now have attacks that completely ignore defense. http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/370600-diablo-ii-lord-of-destruction/42363521

If Hirelings have any special abilities, they will be listed in the recruitment window. Giving Equipment to Hirelings You can and should furnish your Hirelings with equipment such as armor, helms, and weapons. Good Items Replenish Life items can help keep your Hirelings healed.

As is the case with lots of weapons in the game, and especially with the names of NPC mercs, the Blizzard North designers worked in the names of Blizzard employees, and Because these rumors spread before the expansion, there are no details on what they could equip. My sorc has perhaps as much life and she can tank e.g. You'll hear a pretty distinct sound when he turns it on.

Practically speaking though, with the high HP of 1.10 Hell Act bosses on players 8, you should consider whether the time taken for the merc to kill the boss could be braincrasher, Apr 16, 2008 #6 thegiantturtle IncGamers Member Joined: Nov 18, 2004 Messages: 4,642 Likes Received: 0 Trophy Points: 120 Re: Defiance Merc aura not working krischan said: ↑ An act Unlike Kashya in Act One, he does not reward you with a free barbarian merc. more info here See the Mercenaries page for additional general information about hirelings.

I have raised lvl86 assassin offline, and several characters offline, and did not meet with this issue. Hireling Information When you hire a Hireling you are charged a one time fee in Gold. If a Combat Mercenary is hired in Normal, he will still use Prayer in Nightmare. how to fix it or prevent it?

Well that explains why his merc never activated his aura. https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofdiablo/comments/3t9p7r/mercenary_might_aura_not_working/ The formula for calculating the level of an aura is: 10/32 of a level per level of the hirling (hlvl). If you've just hired a new merc and want to level them to the same level as your character, compare their level to that of monsters in different parts of the The barb gets great strength and life increases as he levels up.

As is the case with lots of weapons in the game, and especially with the names of NPC mercs, the Blizzard North designers worked in the names of Blizzard employees, and this contact form External Links[edit] Spirea's Hireling Stats Calculator - If you need to know the stats of each level of the hireling. Act III Hirelings: Ironwolves The Hirelings of Act III are available from Asheara in Kurast. You may choose to employ a new Hireling at any time, but you may not take more than one Hireling into your service at a time.

alvl = 17) Defensive Holy Freeze (hlvl 31 = alvl 9, max. If this is the case, take your merc to act 1, take off his armor and let the fallen smack him around a little. ABOUT·CHAT·COMMUNITY·FORUM·NEWS The Armory Diablo II Strategy and Tactics The forum for strategy questions and answers, strategy guides, and tactics discussion for Diablo II. have a peek here Items of Life Regeneration can also help keep Hirelings in full health.

They specialize in Lightning, Fire, and Cold spell attacks. The Viperfork is also useful if you're in an undead-infested area and want to get rid of all the corpses before they get reanimated. Give them high Defense Armor.

Find resistance equipment to give to them to keep them alive longer.

You can hire your first Hireling once you have completed the second quest in Act I or have reached level 8. Act 2 Merc Aura Activation[edit] Act 2 Merc auras do not automatically activate when you hire them, or do they become active when you leave town. You would know better than I would. Yes, he is still causing sparks to fly from his weapon, but he is also leeching it back with each hit and thus doesn't die.

For the dedicated Mfer, this can be worthwhile niche to exploit. The shield will help the merc survive for a bit, but their low hp means that will be killed sooner rather than later, unless the player character has the opportunity to Thus a shield will only help with their defence and also their resists if you give them a good unique/rare shield. http://sevevb.com/diablo-2/diablo-2-lod-not-working.html Ranged Character + Melee Merc[edit] Without insufficient support, often the merc simply charges into the fray and invariably dies.

First it only reduces the chance to be hit from physical attacks, so you are unguarded against all kinds of elemental attacks, some of them are much more dangerous. Start a coup online without the government intervening Effect of bootstrapping in amplifier circuit Why is looping over find's output bad practice? Because mercs naturally get quite high resistances, resist gear is not as useful to a very high level merc and it can be worthwhile equipping them with damage reducing gear instead. Keep in mind that Hirelings aren't just paid mercenaries--they are co-adventurers.

Melee Character + Melee Merc[edit] Where both the character and merc are melee based I've noticed that the boss concentrates on the character that hits hardest. Alternatively, running places with many boss packs near a WP such as the temples in Act III or Shenk/Eldritch in Act V may speed up the leveling process. Defensive - Defiance[edit] A high level Merc with this aura, and good equip, is very hard to hit, even in Hell diff. It was even said that the Angel was showcased by the presence of Hadriel.

Hireling Levels Hirelings cannot level past your current Character Level. When the portrait is highlighted, left-click again to release the potion onto the portrait.