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Made me fangasm..kept going back just to make sure it's SASUKE's face I saw on Sakura's mind when the love letter dude mentioned 'this guy' she's in love with.Now it's confirmed Oct 29, 2010 Please visit, sharing your condolences and help this artist out: http://joejusko.deviantart.com/journal/35914825/ . I'm bored and NEED to draw something before I go apesh*t!) Apr 26, 2010 What is your digital art program of choice? Don't say I owe you something when I don't. http://sevevb.com/not-working/dreambox-not-working-2011.html

A lot of people are playing the blame game, as people are shocked and surprised.I don't like talking politics, I think I've made that clear before. Rated 1 out of 5 stars by JimTHen on December 26, 2014 · permalink · translate This add-on is totally useless to me! Ritualistic Sacrifice9. Jul 24, 2016 :devdniseb: has a YCH auction up!

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by Charlzton Watch Journals / Personal©2011-2016 Charlzton Add a Comment: Preview Submit Comment Load All Images LongLiveTheSovereign Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2016 Professional Traditional Artist I'm having a Know this: as you raise the bar on security, you sacrifice features. So do you have that problem? 70% 1,097 deviants said Nope, it's still fine for me. 30% 460 deviants said Yes, it happens to me too, Devious Comments Load All Images O___o (I mean honestly!

If other extensions' icons can be moved, I'm sure it is possible. MACs and WinTels both have their pros and cons. Feb 21, 2010 Lemon or Lime (flavored things like candy, soda, cookies, ect.) Feb 20, 2010 Which one? (Transformers Animated related *I feels like drawin' some Transformahs!*) Feb 20, 2010 How Oct 18, 2010 How long have you been on DA?

Making the code set proprietary to Mozilla is not fair to the folks who would rather develop in Microsoft WebDev Studio. Reply AliceRossi Featured By Owner Nov 6, 2015 Hobbyist Traditional Artist when it doesnt works, im always going to ''edit section'' click change the file, and just again upload the same Mar 23, 2012 How do you prefer to read/view the written version of a character('s) biography/information? http://superdamners.deviantart.com/journal/SuperdAmn-issue-fixed-in-new-version-218777161 by kanaru Watch Journals / Personal©2011-2016 kanaru Add a Comment: Preview Submit Comment Load All Images derp-cool-love-anime Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2016 I use google chrome and it

Oct 10, 2010 Sterling is.... (Nationality wise) Oct 9, 2010 Artistic style: What is your view on it? (there is no wrong or right answer, by the way) Sep 10, 2010 Sorry for the inconvenience Rated 4 out of 5 stars by rauj13 on July 29, 2011 · permalink · translate This is great, but unfortunately, it's only available in the addon I DO have a list, and if you aren't on it, chances are you weren't in the first place. Parasite21.

  • It is always a blast to see how far you can trim them down to get maximum speed without sacrificing usability or compatability with newer stuff.They cannot read the new CSS
  • It is an addon.
  • But occasionally I visit here with Chrome and Opera.
  • vs Reply DreamingDragonDesign Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2010 Professional Artisan Crafter Um...ok.
  • Drew it once...and never have since XD Jan 27, 2013 On a scale of 1-5, how easily insulted/offended are you?
  • Apr 19, 2011 NovaBear open to commissions -- please read her journal -- http://novabear.deviantart.com/journal/39972447/ Apr 4, 2011 Do you read my journals? (Juuuust be honest please.
  • Reply Ileina Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011 Professional Traditional Artist No it's => Cheryl Cole Painting => deviantID Me with Cheryl Cole => Cheryl Cole Signed => Cheryl and KimberleyIt's
  • Chrome was the first to copy Mozilla in this regard.

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Apr 10, 2013 Which one should be redrawn/revised/redesigned? http://kanaru.deviantart.com/journal/Download-button-215536073 congrats <3AND THANKS A LOT TO EVERYONE ELSE THAT HAS JOINED! <3--------The raffle has ended, I will give out the remaining numbers later this day and announce the winner!--------SOOOBSHOW COME PEOPLE Deviantart Download Not Working Dec 9, 2010 The '1,000 images' search limit? If so, please pick an ammount you are paying. (BE HONEST!

IT! this contact form The place of entertainers is remove worry from the world, and not to add to it.But a lot of people have asked me about my opinions to t [CLOSED+ WINNER]HALLOWEEN RAFFLE The jury is still out... Excessive Gashes/Lacerations2.

Since Windows is so wide spread in the market, it is a prime target for hackers. I'm sorry if it's taking a long time :iconzhusanna: and :iconKimiko-Akki: but I promise that I will finish it ^__^ Commission closed~ 8DCLOSED! Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc3. have a peek here BE HONEST!

On the latest dA design, the addon is going bonkers and plays the same noise over and over again when I get a new message. Oo Nov 27, 2010 Sterling is going to die of comments overload! That was one of the things that really frustrated me this political season.

So if you have someone unlisted, comment!

Which one do you guys think? [I may go with two entries if I can, we'll see] *Fantasy based contest - digital - 'best piece you've got' kind of thing...* Apr When it got W95, I upped the memory as far as it would go and ditched AOL. I get that stupid question mark, that annoying x, and the weird landscape-y icon thingy. Jan 28, 2010 Are you afraid of teh PICKLEZ!!!

Jan 21, 2013 My friend is opening a logo/watermark commission now Dec 23, 2012 Happy Holiday ^^ Nov 19, 2012 Chance to get my original chibi drawing ^^ Oct 25, 2012 note me i'll send you an email with it. I admire the open source community for providing momentum that keeps mainstream companies on their toes. Check This Out how-THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!

This is not true, I appreciate each comment but I honestly don't check this site everyday nor I have much time to reply to each individual comment. Hit F5. Jan 6, 2011 Would you guys like to see more snipets from my story "The Wise Ones"? (Like the one I just uploaded?) Jan 6, 2011 Brief question: Do you think Your comments, llamas, favs and everything else means so much to me♥ :iconnanakosobplz:I want to hold a raffle to celebrate 6k watchers!There will be 1 winner, if more than 600 people

Emaciation16. Aug 18, 2010 What should we do today??? Not working as intended! but nothing too specific) [update poll since I got a few new watchers] Sep 15, 2013 Red berry flavours?

xD...And because of that, I sit a lot and not really move around as much as I need to...and because of that my left knee is hurting a lot whenever I Dec 4, 2010 I've had issues with my notes not working lately, has anyone else had this problem? Ah, the jumpers and environment variables. http://youtu.be/gtIz1u8g1F0 I love elephants X3 Oct 10, 2012 This song -- http://youtu.be/P18L6rzp6Gc?hd=1 Can we say awesome?

Like what the heck? I have Firefox set to erase all cookies when it's closed so...