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Disable-output-escaping= Yes Not Working In Firefox


ul, li) in the OfferTextdetails elements) you could simply do e.g. Copy-of select produces the same output in Firefox and IE displaying the code which is not How to find limit of function. I am new to xslt and I would appreciate your help. Xsl is very interesting technology, I currently try to migrate from some template library to xsl stylesheets. Check This Out

I believe that you should be able to develop a fix where XSL stylesheets that do not use d-o-e have the current performance, and those that do use d-o-e may have And might greatly slow down the doe-needed xlst's speed, I've no idea about that. When they then view the records they have created, they find that when displayed directly in their browsers (no XSLT transformations), these entities display correctly (TM). And even in that case you can use .innerHTML to solve your problem. check over here

Xslt Disable Output Escaping Not Working

My problem is how to add disable-output-escaping="yes" to the xsl document so that it will be applied in all templates. Imagine if Firefox did not support innerHTML because developers would argue that its not a part of DOM standard. This ensures that the output is well-formed XML. Comment 114 Jonas Sicking (:sicking) No longer reading bugmail consistently 2009-06-02 10:04:33 PDT Yes, serializing and reparsing is what we'd like to do.

  1. That being the case, it would be difficult to convince these people - who live in the real world like most of us - that they must use numeric entities just
  2. The code depends on the availability of the extension function exslt:node-set, but just about every XSLT 1.0 processor supports it.
  3. It's a very strange attitude from people making OPEN software!
  4. I would suggest that the fix to Firefox be limited, if necessary, to scenarios where only properties of the object trees are manipulated, but the trees retain the same basic structure.
  5. That is irresponsible on many levels and it tarnishes the image of Firefox.
  6. Is not that I want to embed HTML in the XML (if I got it well, that is what is considered bad-formed XML).
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  8. MSXML under IE handles disable-output-escaping just fine.