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I don't yet have an answer...but I do have a culprit. we are having a big issue on our website @teepublic, can't get ahold of anyone. @abbeylouisarose @wandered_souls1 @wbookishblog mine? Not sure whether this is correct, but according to one thread out on the web, you can turn off avast's blocking of a site ''in Firefox'' by adding the site to Im using Chrome jdoucette1992, Jan 13, 2014 dimitry202 Noob Joined: Jul 2, 2011 Messages: 1 Date Posted: Jan 16, 2014 #34 I think I've identified the source of this issues (at this contact form

FutureFilmer, May 9, 2013 Acid360 Noob Joined: Apr 9, 2013 Messages: 16 Date Posted: May 9, 2013 #23 tried to restart and all my devices has the same problem ! I just had to allowed "social networks" in the avast extension settingsClick to expand... snelson134 0 solutions 1 answers Posted 1/19/14, 5:34 AM This happens on XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.1. Ryan @ Disqus ryanv12, May 1, 2013 sng-ign likes this. https://support.mozilla.org/questions/975592

Disqus Comments Disappear

joed2343, Apr 28, 2013 mikepjr Almost Not a Noob Joined: Oct 28, 2002 Messages: 299 Date Posted: Apr 29, 2013 #13 Well i don't know about the rest of you, but Tricia_TD 1 solutions 18 answers Posted 1/4/14, 5:20 AM Have you heard back from Avast about this? View the entire comment thread. Can someone please help me.Click to expand...

Kyle_JACKofACES_Alex Noob Joined: Mar 27, 2011 Messages: 1 Date Posted: Dec 7, 2013 #31 I switched over to Internet explorer and it seems to be working fine. Here is an example of a website that uses Disqus. I have updated java on my laptop, updated to the newest Avast antivirus program, I have Adblock Edge (that was my original suspicion, but messing around with it improved nothing), and Disqus Seems To Be Taking Longer Than Usual. Reload? thanks. @CosmoCheese @booooooom my post for june submissions is still pending after 18hrs.

I just see the "blog comments powered by Disqus" like some people and thats it. I think you only need to disable the avast! Tip: If you use Firefox or Chrome, you can use Firefox’s Safe Mode or Chrome’s Incognito mode instead. http://forums.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=2877893 would this have anything to do with verizon now owning yahoo?

or have i broken something #bbloggers #fbloggers #lbloggers @TwWode @tentonhammer the verification of disqus is not working at all :( @DLaveque @pranavofficial hey, that solution re: disqus edit,not working firefox android. Guardian Comments Not Loading We're working out any others that we find, so thanks for your feedback. something wrong? @ThaGods @disqus having major issues getting disqus into wordpress, not recognising my account when installing. So anyone else have any ideas?

  1. ifthethunderdontgetya Posted 11/20/13, 5:34 PM Question owner Thanks, people.
  2. I'm using Google Chrome.
  3. please remedy.
  4. I tried going to the disqus website but they don't have any options to contact them.
  5. html glitch? @RWMaryse // okay at disqus not working @disqus hello. @Chucky_deHammer @guidofawkes your website is not loading up.
  6. I don't know why it just started happening or how to fix it.
  7. If you have this problem, do the following.
  8. disqus doesn't appear (for me).
  9. Sorry, Firefox, you lose.
  10. I tried a screengrab with inspect element, but it's not displaying the element information. ~ None of it shows, here's[http://s10.postimg.org/ik6lgpuvd/Eschaton_Bullsh_t_Jobs_2013_11_20_jpeg.jpg a screencap].

Slate Comments Not Working

And if the choice is keeping Firefox and losing comments or reducing security in this malware laden age? https://adblockplus.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=25878 Now it's working fine. Disqus Comments Disappear disqus also seems to be having issues on other sites. Disqus Comments Not Showing Wordpress Solution 2 Temporarily disable all plugins, extensions, and add-ons in your browser.

For me it was the Avast extension. weblink Tell Gianni sng-ign, May 2, 2013 sng-ign 電 子 遊 戲 師 傅 Joined: Aug 6, 2002 Messages: 49,855 Date Posted: May 2, 2013 #20 You can check DISQUS' status on Disabling firefox's add for avast will fix disqus issues. Doesn't load. Livefyre Comments Not Working

Any help anyone could give me in this would be appreciated. Is there any reason that JavaScript might be disabled on that site? Quote Of The Day - Rabbi Yair Hoffman Brian Brown Has The Oklahoma Sadz Headline Of The Day Bryan Fischer: Only Property Owners Should Be Elig... navigate here Chosen solution Yes, that is what I have done.

After I upgraded, Disqus comment boxes (and some others) no longer appear in my browser. Telegraph Disqus Not Working Check check 1monthago RT @AffiSupaStar: @ireloju nigeriaelectricityhub.com/2016/09/25/how… 1monthago RT @ActionComplete: The most dangerous risk of all - the risk of spending your life not doing what... ~Randy Komisar #quotes #action https:… Do one of the following: - Slide the "Social Networks" switch to "allowed" (to the left to make it red) - Slide the "Social Networks" switch to "blocked" (to the right

Bedanzilla1, May 17, 2013 IMPEACH_BOBO Noob Joined: Aug 25, 2013 Messages: 1 Date Posted: Aug 25, 2013 #26 joed2343 said: ↑ For some reason i got on today and when I

Isn't working over at destructoid either... I also looked at the avast! Members of this Mozilla forum appear to have sourced the problem to a recent update to the AVAST anti-virus program. We Were Unable To Load Disqus. If You Are A Moderator Please See Our Troubleshooting Guide. Avast is the common factor.

please help H2O-A, Dec 9, 2013 jdoucette1992 Noob Joined: Sep 5, 2013 Messages: 2 Date Posted: Jan 13, 2014 #33 This sucks, this problem seems like its been going on now GamerExpert, Apr 27, 2013 FutureFilmer Noob Joined: Aug 30, 2012 Messages: 43 Date Posted: Apr 27, 2013 #9 I guess Disqus doesn't know that's it's not working or how the hell Previous Posts NIGERIA: Islamic Enforcers Vow To Hunt Down Gays "... his comment is here Complain here: Via Twitter Via Facebook Check the official status page Incorrect? × What information is incorrect?

When I preview a draft that I'm working on, then Disqus doesn't appear at the bottom. any problems at your end or is disqus mucking about? You can do that on the Add-ons page. Check if any of the the plug-in/extensions (especially the anti-virus) is blocking the comments.