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Div Height Not Working In Ie6


length Floating-point number followed by an absolute units designator (cm, mm, in, pt, or pc) or a relative units designator (em, ex, or px). Wrong way on a bike lane? PaulOB 2011-06-21 14:24:56 UTC #14 SgtLegend said: My main point I'm trying to get at is that we are all different and we both as developers like different cross browser compatibility It's being used as a "loading, please wait" message while the data loads on the page. this contact form

Not really something you'd look forward to while creating a pixel perfect layout. select View>Source from the IE menu and copy and paste here or F12>Debug tab, select the entire page markup and copy and paste here we need to see your complete page Also, it doesn't look like you are clearing your floats properly. Check the page in IE and you'll probably do a double take. Read More Here

Internet Explorer Height 100%

ralphm 2011-06-21 22:26:07 UTC #19 Paul_O_B said: It seems strange that everyone mentions conditional comments as needing an extra http request but that extra request is only required for the bad Though it requires some forethought it is the easiest down the road. How to find the file where a bash function is defined? share|improve this answer edited Oct 6 '08 at 14:45 answered Oct 6 '08 at 13:25 Matt Refghi 4561026 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote I don't think IE supports

  1. Try this: body{ height:100%; } share|improve this answer answered May 6 '09 at 21:23 Corey Downie 2,95711625 add a comment| up vote 0 down vote Also, and this might have flaws
  2. Tested within VS and on the server; it 's working fine on IE, Firefox and Chrome.
  3. It's usually only Ie6 that needs the hack anyway.
  4. Check here for a live fiddle.
  5. I just using: html,body,form { margin:0; padding:0; height:100%; } div#container { position;relative margin:0 auto; width: 1200px; min-height:100%; } I dont know why itdid not work before, but now it
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  8. share|improve this answer answered Oct 6 '08 at 1:46 tvanfosson 354k66577701 3 ++ You will spend much less time getting it right with javascript than you will trying to do

li { display: inline; } Conclusion And there you have it: the nine most common IE rendering bugs, and how to squash them. To be honest some of the ugly non valid hacks such as the underscore hack for IE6 are better than all the above because they don't interfere with specificity or the It should work if your css includes the following: html,body { height:100%; } #wrapper { height:100%; } .section { height:100%; } I've opened your page in IE and applied these changes Ie11 Height Issue next page → Home Categories FAQ/Guidelines Terms of Service Privacy Policy Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled Podcast Articles Premium Free 10-Day TrialSign InHow-To TutorialsDesign & IllustrationCodeWeb DesignPhoto &

Use coupon code CSSTRICKS to save 20% for the firstyear. Answer: Neither! « Paul Irish about conditional statements in your HTML. or to validate your asp.net webpages... http://stackoverflow.com/questions/831828/why-is-css-height100-not-working-in-ie6 Start a coup online without the government intervening I don't want to do research (First year tenure-track faculty) Build me a brick wall!

From line 115, column 7; to line 115, column 12

Remove the stray end tag, .... Css Height Ie Only This is how you'd usually go on about: #element{ width: 400px; height: 150px; padding: 50px; } This now changes to: #element { width: 400px; height: 150px; \height: 250px; \width: 500px } Reply ↓ Les Permalink to comment# June 10, 2011 Does this apply to % values as well? load your asp.net webpage in a browser...

Ie Height 100 Not Working

Align elements to the center of another element How to find the file where a bash function is defined? Centering a Layout Centering an element is probably something every web developer has to do while creating a layout. Internet Explorer Height 100% PaulOB 2011-06-21 09:43:27 UTC #5 venkat6134 said: This problem is fixed by myself.Thanking you.. Height Percentage Not Working In Ie This article includes addressing basics, Loop Back address, Header information, Features of IPv6 and differences between IPv4 and IPv6.

Microsoft VB.NET - Drag-n-Drop Program

My boss asks me to stop writing small functions and do everything in the same loop What is the most someone can lose the popular vote by but still win the http://sevevb.com/not-working/div-height-not-working-in-ie.html The Fix I am sure the quandary with the box model needs neither explanation nor demonstration so I'll just give you the fix. html,body, \\ this has to go to every element you want to have a height 100% { height:100%; } I also have something nice window.onload=function(){ if(navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer"){ \\ http://www.visibilityinherit.com/code/target-ie.php system 2011-06-21 21:05:10 UTC #18 I'm a little surprised nobody's pointed these out... 1) No doctype -- all browsers are in quirks rendering, which has the most impact on IE... Ie11 Height 100

The Fix The easiest and most reliable way to center content for IE6 and below is to apply text-align: center to the parent element and then apply text-align: left to the Pick Randomly Between -1 or 1 MathSciNet review alert? share|improve this answer answered May 6 '09 at 21:35 David Thomas 164k27225278 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or log in Sign up using Google navigate here US Election results 2016: What went wrong with prediction models?

Reply ↓ Alok Permalink to comment# May 17, 2013 It works great. Ie11 Min-height How can I claim compensation? It seems to me that height: 100% might just mean "make it the size needed to fully contain the content" when what you really want is "make both the size of

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Why were pre-election polls and forecast models so wrong about Donald Trump? For now it is working! in another window navigate to http://validator.w3.org, then select the direct input tab, Paste your copied page markup into the textarea field... Div Height 100 Percentage Not Working In Ie And in IE: Fix #1 The cause of this bug is pretty simple: IE simply refuses to size an element smaller than the set font size.

The fonts are Source Sans Pro and Source Code Pro. Is there any point in ultra-high ISO for DSLR [not film]? Fix #1 The easiest way to combat this is to float the li elements themselves instead of the anchor elements. his comment is here auf Facebook" alt="Werde Fan von Brandort.

up vote 1 down vote favorite I have an IE6 absolute position div that I want to be full screen (100% width and height).