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Div Not Working Ie6


To ensure the text doesn't spill out of the box in all browsers, you'll need to use the following CSS rule, in addition to the first one: html>body .box

Jay Sooner or later, IE6 users have to be made aware that they are using a broken browser. Forgot your password? Modern browsers will calculate the width of the box as the CONTENT width ony (100px) Chris Coyier Permalink to comment# April 30, 2008 @Magenta Placenta: This isn't quite right. li a { background: #95CFEF; display: block; width: 200px; } Fix #2 The next method is to just float the anchor left and then clearing it. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/16811716/height100-not-working-in-internet-explorer

Internet Explorer Height 100%

http://www.optimalworks.net/ Craig Buckler just dual boot Linux. Looking forward to an IE version without bugs (well, I can dream can't I :-) 21 Amila said on June 25, 2007 Thanks snook.I also had the same problem.I can solve Take a look at the following example: Example text If you're viewing this in Internet Explorer, the box should look fine. The institution where I work has IE6 as the corporate desktop browser, so for us there is no choice in the matter.

  • But if my form wasn't position:relative then it would muck up other things; IE would get the wrong offsetLeft for things.
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  • The first CSS rule, width: auto, cancels out the original width rule.

The margin will be doubled in the rendered output. Yes, it adds one (perfectly valid) line of markup to your document. i cant add position relative to container because I am having a jquery dropdown menu and when my drom down menu expands over the div which has relative it looks odd.. Ie11 Height 100 OK, so maybe you want to put it in the bottom-right corner.

Look the following code:

#element{ background: #95CFEF; border: solid 1px #36F; width: 300px; height: 150px; margin: 30px 0; overflow: auto; } #anotherelement{ background: #555; width: 150px; height: 175px; I even think the IE version makes a little bit more sense logically, but that is not how the spec was written. SD No body uses IE6 these days. read review You are telling us that we should pursue validation as a holy grail above and beyond every other concern, even going so far as to hack and clutter up our own

Anyone have any ideas? 30 MÃ¥rten said on October 13, 2008 I love you man. Ie6 Bugs For the sake of "CSS validation," the author commits numerous hacks and sins like !important. http://www.lovezapp.com lovezapp @GarthDB You can't force your users to upgrade. Consider this code: #element{ background: #95CFEF; width: 300px; height: 100px; float: left; margin: 30px 0 0 30px; border: solid 1px #36F; } On standards compliant browsers, this is how it looks:

Ie Height 100 Not Working

Much. try here Many users in corporate environments can not upgrade IE6 or use alternative browsers. Internet Explorer Height 100% That way, as a designer, I can declare a pixel dimension for the width and height, set up a nice padding to inset the content and then I dont have to Height Percentage Not Working In Ie n0other I hoped this list to be a little more specific and based on popularity of bugs encountered with IE6.

I hit it when using Scriptaculous drag/drop stuff inside an abolute positioned, overflow:auto container. 34 Christina Seay said on December 10, 2008 Thank-You sooooooooo much!! Nice! jitendra Ace Web Design Permalink to comment# July 1, 2008 Great Article. Any suggestions please? 51 Joel said on May 03, 2011 Such a simple fix! Ie Css Issues

Ricardo Permalink to comment# May 21, 2008 display:inline only causes IE6 to not double the margins, the elements are still rendered as blocks - it's a bug to fix a bug. Internet Explorer doesn't understand html>body, so by inserting this in front of the second CSS rule this whole CSS rule is ignored by IE. 4. If you are determined to use the broken IE 6 model, Firefox does actually have a proprietary CSS attribute for making it behave this way. re 6) That's not quite correct as IE6 only applies hover to a elements when there is an href (i.e.

You have to make the parent html and the child to have the same attributes.In some cases you have to use pixels in order to make it function. Div Height 100 Percentage Not Working In Ie Will I get a visa again? I have (I think) a similar problem that I can't get right.

So in a good 5 years time we'll be on to only IE7… then 10 years and it'll be IE8.

When Microsoft added their proprietary 'expression's to CSS in Internet Explorer 5, I jumped at the chance to use these to position the absolute element. I need to implement margin property for IE6 only in following statement: In above statement margin-left:-17px is used for IE and -moz-margin-start:8px is for Mozilla.. Thank you… That's exactly what I've been thinking and I couldn't have said it better. Ie11 Height Issue The fact is that all these fixes (or hacks if you prefer) do not affect better browsers and can remain in the code for years to come.

Fix #1 The easiest way out is to just define a width for the anchor tags and voila! The only consolation I have is that by looking at sitepoint.com's source code I can see that the actual Sitepoint designers recognize this advice for what it is. The fix here is to make sure the line-height in the parent element is set to zero (0), or that the elements being floated are inline elements. You just saved my day! 31 Daniel said on October 29, 2008 Same here..

Why always this frickle just to serve IE users? The only way to save the layout is to apply overflow: hidden to the element but at the cost of clipping the unbreakable content. Obviously, everyone uses their own processes - if there was an ideal way to deal with these things, then we'd (hopefully) all be using it. Whilst I could waffle on all day, the following point must be made: DO NOT use !important to push through browser-specific code.

http://www.positioniseverything.net/explorer/peekaboo.html horoskop Permalink to comment# November 21, 2008 I personally don't care for IE as i'm a using firefox. I do know however, that for most sites I work on, there is an appreciable percentage of users that still use it (esp. they must be anchors). Mel Permalink to comment# January 20, 2009 Ummm..I've tried fixing every issue here in a different stylesheet, yet the main column of my site will still sit underneath the sidebars but